Fox Larsson inside Insect

Жук покидает мастерскую

Совершили сегодня с Л. чудо из чудес: пронесли Жука через дверь пару дверей мастерских (которые, между прочим, расположены под углом). Жук отправился в Охта Лаб, там завтра большое кафкианское действо. Завтра с утра первым делом отправляюсь туда подлечить чуть пострадавшие при переезде лапки. Жук произвел изрядное впечатление на изрядное количество прохожих, кто-то просто засматривался, кто-то улыбался, кто-то фыркал. Когда мимо проходила группа подростков, один из них пнул Жука в бок. Его друг …

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Fox Larsson inside Insect

My Insect has Left the Studio

Did something bordering on the impossible today: managed to get my Insect out of the studio. He’s a big guy,and getting him through the studio door was no minor feat. A great thanks to L. for the help. We had to angle and maneuver a lot to make this possible. Tomorrow my Insect will be at Okhta Lab for their Kafka Night. I’m heading there first thing tomorrow morning to patch him …

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Maermay merman with kitty tattoo by Fox Larsson

Planning Instagram posts

Currently I am trying to keep up my art practice while managing my 9 to 5 office job at the same time, and to be honest, that’s quite a lot. One of the things I’ve decided to do to make my life easier is to try planning Instagram posts in advance. What’s the point of that anyway? My second biggest goal (apart from keeping up the drawing and sculpture) is to maintain …

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tired girl with cat sketchmareker drawing

Dearest post exhibition blues, can I ever skip you?

I somehow thought that this time I would outsmart post exhibition blues by signing up for a class that would keep me engaged and going full speed after my show effort was over. I have to acknowledge that I was wrong, here it is again, stubborn as ever. What’s post exhibition blues anyway? Every time I work on a big project I’m really invested in, I end up feeling all emptied out …

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sunny dogster

Starting Lilla Rogers’ Illustration Class – MATS A

I’m so happy, I’ve actually done it, I’ve enrolled in Lilla Rogers’ illustration class, MATS A (that stands for Make art that sells, part A)! I’ve been dreaming about this since January, and today I’m finally starting! Seriously, one of the reasons I got a full time job was so that I could afford to take Lilla’s classes. About the class MATS A is the first in a series of classes Lilla …

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Fox Larsson working on wire sculpture

About me

Hey, welcome to my digital home! My name is Fox Larsson. I’m an artist, sculptor, creator and illustrator living and working in St. Petersburg Russia. I love wire, wood, lines, dots, shapes, volumes and color. I juggle making art with teaching English, simultaneous interpreting, teaching wire sculpture and working a full time job in printing, so there’s quite a lot going on in my life. Finding a balance between all those things …

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