Fox Larsson inside Insect

My Insect has Left the Studio

Did something bordering on the impossible today: managed to get my Insect out of the studio. He’s a big guy,and getting him through the studio door was no minor feat. A great thanks to L. for the help. We had to angle and maneuver a lot to make this possible.

Tomorrow my Insect will be at Okhta Lab for their Kafka Night. I’m heading there first thing tomorrow morning to patch him up after the six mile trip, his legs didn’t take it quite well.

After getting him through the door, we waited for our ride for almost an hour, so we ended up amusing a fair number of passers-by.  Some stared, some grimaced, some laughed. One guy from a bunch of teens walking by thought the Insect was alone and gave him a kick, then they noticed me, asked if the bug was mine and apologized. All in all, Insect got the whole range of human emotion.

And of course, I could not resist the temptation of curling up inside, which with all the layers of paper turned out to be pretty cozy, much warmer than I thought. It turned out that a girl curled up in a bug raises even more curiosity than a mere giant bug lying on the sidewalk.

On a side note, when I grow up, I’ll have a huge studio with huge doors.

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