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Fox Larsson BeregodinokogoKO telegram stickers cover

BeregodinokogoKO telegram stickers

I started this sticker pack almost a year ago, in September 2020, as a present for my dad’s birthday. I had been listening to Sasha Sokolov’s “A School for Fools” on my dad’s recommendation, and we had been talking about the book a lot, quoting bits back and forth and enjoying the way the words were put together. You can find the Telegram version of the sticker pack here.

Fox Larsson Pumpkin and Bird Sticker

A Beast or Two — Sticker Pack

(Scroll down for story and download link). This was the first set of stickers I ever made when I realized Telegram messenger allows you to upload your own stickers. There are just so many emotions I find not only hard to express, but even to just plain put my finger on. I guess I am just no pro at being in touch with a significant part of my own emotions (though I’ve …

A Beast or Two — Sticker Pack [Read more]

Fish in Peculiar Situations (new sticker pack!)

My new Telegram sticker pack is here! As usual, I’ve included a set of emotions that we all now and then need to express, but never seem to quite find the words for. Hoping these will prove useful. You can download the stickers to use with your Telegram messenger here. I am still thinking whether I’ll be making those into a printed set, though I have to admit that I rather like …

Fish in Peculiar Situations (new sticker pack!) [Read more]

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