The Man not Killing the Bison picture by Fox Larsson from Some Stories Squared Series

The Man not Killing the Bison — Some Stories Squared

As I was working on this, I was still thinking about mermaids. A friend of mine dropped a few days ago and said that clearly, mermaids would not be interested in sex, because they do not reproduce in the first place: the way the mermaid population grows is through young miserable human women drowning themselves.

Then again, she also said mermen do not exist, and that’s clearly not true, as I’ve drawn some, and there they are in my square picture album, loud and clear and quite unmistakable. What if the world of mermaids and mermen is actually akin to the world of sea horses, where it’s the males that carry the babies? I am contemplating drawing a pregnant merman.

The bison picture has no mermen at all that I’m aware of, just a regular human man. He’s the man not killing the bison. I like him. I like the bison too. I’m a little worried because they both seem uncertain and we don’t quite know what happens next, but I really hope it goes well for them.

The Man not Killing the Bison picture by Fox Larsson from Some Stories Squared Series

P.S.: The pic is for my friend’s project called “Взаимопонимание” (the Russian for mutual understanding), a project aimed at educating about domestic violence. One of the things the project is about is how gender-related expectations end up contributing to domestic violence by being a source of constant pressure.

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