drawing of two rabbits ears intertwined holding a sign with three blanks, then five blanks

“_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _” — 24.02.2022 – …

I started these two on the first day of the war, sitting in a long line at the migration center for a friend and finished the line art a few days later. But I only printed these a week or so later when my first run was out. They had the same words as the first rabbit pair from the start, but by the time I was printing them, those words had …

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two rabbits holding no war poster

No War — 24.02.2022 – …

I spent the first half of the first day of the war at the migration services office helping a friend get his temporary registration in St. Petersburg. I sketched these guys while waiting in line for five hours because I knew I’d need stickers for the evening’s protest. Rush finished the line art, scanned and processed for print in the half hour I had between getting home and the protest. And cut …

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Bird Love Radiant

This is a sketch I made with P5JS for my creative coding class (it will not work well on mobile devices, use something with a bigger screen and a keyboard if possible). You can move the left bird with arrows, and the right bird with AWSD.Pressing the spacebar will capture a screenshot of the current frame for you. P.S.: The birds are available as telegram stickers, check them out =)

Bird Sculpture in Steel Wire by Fox Larsson

The Bird — Wire Sculpture

The Bird. 2018.Galvanized and non-galvanized 1mm steel wire. 26x17x16 cm. This buddy is one of my earlier experiments with steel wire. He is quite small – and very huggable, and the little brother of Bird with Heart. He’s the one who gave Bird with Heart the pear-shaped geometry – and some of his beak texture. He is unusual in that he’s fully made of 1mm gauge wire: most of the time I …

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Who Said What drawing by Fox Larsson

Who Said What — Some Stories Squared

This drawing was born out of a photograph my mom sent we from Helsinki back when traveling was a thing. I’ve been trying to find the photo, it really should be in our family chat history – but there’s over nine thousand pictures there, and I have to admit I gave up at some point, so I’ll just use words. It was a picture of a guy on a bench somewhere in …

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The Bird and the Keys - drawing in black pen by Fox Larsson

The Bird and the Keys — Some Stories Squared

I started this pic back in October. I was home at my mom’s place in Petrozavodsk, a month after grandpa died. I like keys. I rarely really lock things, but there’s something special and magical about keys. I have a liking for them as objects that are almost abstract, sculptural. The key in the bird’s side reminds me of the key to my mother’s piano. It’s an old piano made some time …

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Girl and Python drawing by Fox Larsson - from Some Stories Squared series

Girl and Python — Some Stories Squared

I am usually not this literal, but yup, this is a Python pic. For the past 54 days, one to fifteen hours of my day each day have been dedicated to studying Python and things connected to Python. It’s not my first programming language. I’ve done some PHP and some JavaScript. And I use PHP in my daily work. But Python is special. It’s a language that feels right. The whole thing …

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Ghost in the Shell drawing by Fox Larsson

Ghost in the Shell (Safe Space-3) — Some Stories Squared

I am back in St. Pete. The first week I got back J. was away in London, and I was suddenly all alone in an all empty apartment. It was the first time I was alone since grandpa’s death. When grandpa died, I stayed in Petrozavodsk with my mom for a bit. And that whole month that I was in Petro, when we were taking care of grandpa, the days he was …

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Self portrait with dog, digital mixed media painting by Fox Larsson

With Dog — Digital Mixed Media Painting

All of that week grandpa was much worse. So I guess I just wasn’t into quirky pics any more. Not into crocodiles, not into confused naked men hugging crocodiles, not into magical birds. It’s hard to say what I felt that week. What I was mostly thinking about was this: how on earth would I explain to mom that I am staying. That there’s no way I will leave when grandpa is …

With Dog — Digital Mixed Media Painting [Read more]

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