Screaming Mermaid Ferris Wheel sketch by Maria Fox Larsson


UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who have recorded your A-AAA-AAA-AAAAAAA for the Screaming Mermaid. The Mermaid, with all of your voices, is now available here as part of the virtual Quantum Critic exhibition. If life still feels like A-AAAA-AAA-AAAAAAAA, you are still very welcome to record a scream – I will use your screams in my upcoming artworks. Yours,Fox. For the virtual installation “Screaming Mermaid (Ferris Wheel),” my co-author Ernest Sairon …

Record your A-AAAAAAAA-AAAAAA [Read more]

Bird Love Radiant

This is a sketch I made with P5JS for my creative coding class (it will not work well on mobile devices, use something with a bigger screen and a keyboard if possible). You can move the left bird with arrows, and the right bird with AWSD.Pressing the spacebar will capture a screenshot of the current frame for you. P.S.: The birds are available as telegram stickers, check them out =)

Fox Larsson BeregodinokogoKO telegram stickers cover

BeregodinokogoKO telegram stickers

I started this sticker pack almost a year ago, in September 2020, as a present for my dad’s birthday. I had been listening to Sasha Sokolov’s “A School for Fools” on my dad’s recommendation, and we had been talking about the book a lot, quoting bits back and forth and enjoying the way the words were put together. You can find the Telegram version of the sticker pack here.

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