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A Beast or Two — Sticker Pack

(Scroll down for story and download link).

This was the first set of stickers I ever made when I realized Telegram messenger allows you to upload your own stickers.

There are just so many emotions I find not only hard to express, but even to just plain put my finger on. I guess I am just no pro at being in touch with a significant part of my own emotions (though I’ve made significant headway in the past few years). I manage to combine being extremely empathetic with being almost the exact same degree of out of touch. Sometimes I wish I had a human to human interpreter working with me.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel this world is full of confusion, weird emotional combos and totally mixed messages. And things that have no way of being put into words. If you ever feel like that and you happen to use Telegram, feel free to grab my stickers here (totally free).

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