Fox Larsson Grumpy Queen Stickers

Grumpy Queen — Stickers

(Scroll down for story and download link).

I created this series in January 2018, a week or so after my birthday.

I’m a fan of Telegram stickers (check out my two other packs here and here), and as usual, I found a certain set of emotions missing from the other packs out there, so I had to give them a go.

I tend to be on the grumpy side in the winter when it’s so dark here in St. Pete, so I guess that gave the pack its general direction. =)

Fun fact: my boyfriend J. posed to me for the pigeon sticker. We stood in front of the mirror, and I hugged him in the exact way I wanted my grumpy queen to be hugging the pigeon. This was the first time J. ever posed for me.

If you’re looking for a slightly more true to life render of J., you can take see him as the merman here, and as the man here and here in Some Stories Squared, Season 2. =)

If you use Telegram messenger, you can download the stickers for free here.

I really appreciate you sharing,

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