Screaming Mermaid Ferris Wheel sketch by Maria Fox Larsson


UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who have recorded your A-AAA-AAA-AAAAAAA for the Screaming Mermaid. The Mermaid, with all of your voices, is now available here as part of the virtual Quantum Critic exhibition. If life still feels like A-AAAA-AAA-AAAAAAAA, you are still very welcome to record a scream – I will use your screams in my upcoming artworks.


For the virtual installation “Screaming Mermaid (Ferris Wheel),” my co-author Ernest Sairon and I (Maria Fox Larsson) are collecting audio recordings of screams that embody all your AAAAAA-AAAAAAAA-AA about what is happening in the world right now. You will greatly help the project if you do the following:

1. think for a minute about how this whole mess feels
2. record your A-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAA using the button below.

The recording is anonymous and no information about you will be saved and stored, just your voice.

The Screaming Mermaid (Ferris Wheel) will be shown at the Quantum Critic exhibition at the Myymälä 2 gallery (Helsinki) on the Spatial virtual reality platform. The opening will take place on September 29th, it will also be possible to experience the work online. I will write an announcement on my Telegram and Instagram a couple of days before the event (as soon as I know the details) and explain how to get into the virtual space to see – and ride – the mermaid of many voices (including your own).

Very much yours,
Maria Fox Larsson

I really appreciate you sharing,

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