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Hi! I’m Fox Larsson, an artist, interpreter, web developer and generally wild mix of all things life.

I make sculpture from wire, paper, textiles and light. I love giving form to things. My sculptures generally look like they were made by a three-year old. I love balancing wonky imperfection with perfect proportions. Many of my sculptures are meant to be hugged, to give comfort, or to silently be an observant part of the world.

All of my paintings and graphic art are vastly autobiographical, including the ones with confused giraffes, flying pigs, endless sets of not quite parallel lines, bunches of feet facing every which way and endless networks of imperfect triangles. A fair share of stuff flying into and out of the frame. Somehow it never fits.

I don’t do illustration often, but here you can see some of my favorite projects. I love the focus on meaning created by another human in illustration, the process of reinterpreting those meanings and adding your own voice to them, and especially the feeling of resonating with the world you get when things really go right.

I value sharing, especially sharing knowledge, enthusiasm, encouragement, kindness and compassion. I love being inspired through sharing. I guess that’s why I tend to share a lot of the new stuff I learn, as it starts making sense to me. My current biggest passion is teaching fellow artists how to set up their own portfolio websites.

Although I have several collections of apparel planned, here I am so far sharing only a few individual individual pieces I did for friends and family. Still working out a reasonable technological approach for the other pieces I have in mind.

I love stickers. I love seeing them in the streets, I love sticking them to my laptop and bullet journal, and I love the kind used in messengers. Here you can see the sticker packs I made for Telegram messenger, Printable stickers coming soon too.

I am in here.
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Screaming Mermaid Ferris Wheel sketch by Maria Fox Larsson


UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who have recorded your A-AAA-AAA-AAAAAAA for the Screaming Mermaid. The Mermaid, with all of your voices, is now available here as part of the virtual Quantum Critic exhibition. If life still feels like A-AAAA-AAA-AAAAAAAA, you are still very welcome to record a scream – I will use your screams in my upcoming artworks. Yours,Fox. For the virtual installation “Screaming Mermaid (Ferris Wheel),” my co-author Ernest Sairon

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they Rhythm - rabbit box prototype

The Rhythm — 24.02.2022 – …

The Rhythm is a response to the feelings of pain, guilt, anger, fear, frustration, crushed hopes, and absolute disagreement with the ongoing war. The modular kinetic acoustic installation consists of a set of boxes containing rabbits repeatedly banging their heads against the wall. The rabbits are programmed to bang their heads at different rates, thus creating an ambience of frustration and a rhythm that can never quite be predicted. The Rhythm was

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drawing of rabbit sitting very still with a line of barbed wire wrapped around throat as a scarf

Silent — 24.02.2022 – …

On March 4, 2022 the word “war” was outlawed in Russia. It felt like being violated. Like someone tearing into your body who shouldn’t be there. It was hard to breathe, and for a week after that I found myself regularly having to instruct myself: “breathe in” – walk three steps – “breathe out” – walk three steps – and again over and over. That day a big lump of pain appeared

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