Poster for Suspended - solo exhibition by Maria Fox Larsson at B-Galleria, Turku

Suspended — Upcoming Exhibition at B-Galleria, Turku

Maria Fox Larsson: Suspended
B-Galleria Main Space 07.03.-24.03.2024

Opening on Wednesday 06.03. 6-8 pm
Aninkaistenkatu 5 L 5, Turku, Finland

Suspended is an immersive installation experience by Maria Fox Larsson built with graphic works, automata toys, motorized sculptures, paper, mirrors and boxes. The exhibition program includes an artist talk (14.03.24, 18:00) and an artist-led workshop in paper mechanics (16.03.24, 16:00 – 18:00).

Black boxes and mirror shards. Propellers, rotation, patterns. Fish on wheels, fish wearing suits. Chimeras: some sweet, some sad, some disjointed. Naked women and skulls. The steady whirr of electric motors that transport nothing to nowhere.

Whole or broken, closed or open, here or there? When words no longer work, something has to take over. Open the box. Turn the handle. Meet your own eyes, or the eyes of a masked stranger. Play a game of exquisite corpse, build your own mismatched creature.

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