Who Said What drawing by Fox Larsson

Who Said What — Some Stories Squared

This drawing was born out of a photograph my mom sent we from Helsinki back when traveling was a thing. I’ve been trying to find the photo, it really should be in our family chat history – but there’s over nine thousand pictures there, and I have to admit I gave up at some point, so I’ll just use words. It was a picture of a guy on a bench somewhere in Hel, he was somewhere in between staring into space and staring at the sizeable sea gull across from him, a mix of pensive and zoned out, though seemingly on the brink of conversing with the bird.

The horse (if that’s what this animal is) kind of came to be of its own volition, and who am I to argue with a polka dot beast.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m insane for filling the space between the polka dots in with a pen instead of, say, taking a marker or, say, a brush pen. Oddly enough, I don’t wonder if I am insane for drawing dozens upon dozens of parallel lines. I am fairly sure I was listening to something nice while I was at it, most likely Anton Batagov.

I really wonder what those three are talking about, and I wish I knew who started the conversation. I am fairly sure the horse (?) kind of butted in at some point, and the other two really did not expect him and were possibly even taken aback he was there to begin with.

Who Said What drawing by Fox Larsson

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