Bird Sculpture in Steel Wire by Fox Larsson

The Bird — Wire Sculpture

The Bird. 2018.
Galvanized and non-galvanized 1mm steel wire. 26x17x16 cm.

This buddy is one of my earlier experiments with steel wire. He is quite small – and very huggable, and the little brother of Bird with Heart. He’s the one who gave Bird with Heart the pear-shaped geometry – and some of his beak texture.

He is unusual in that he’s fully made of 1mm gauge wire: most of the time I use it only for binding and texturing. And I’ve since mostly moved away from non-galvanized wire: it makes my hands crazy dry, and I almost drink hand lotion even with galvanized steel. Maybe one day, when I miraculously fully switch to working in gloves, I’ll give non-galvanized another try.

I like that he’s a bit cheeky in nature. And the way he is somewhere in between being not quite firm on his feet – and mighty confident, with the set determination of a toddler. I think he’s a bit of a show-off, and I think that he likes attention. And I like the way he can quite comfortably sit in the palm of my hand, and the way he enjoys to explore.

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